Sunday, February 17, 2013

Just Keep Showing Up - 1 Month Completed

Yesterday marked the completion of my first four weeks (month) of CrossFit. I joined on the urging of a friend, frightened of what I might find there and strongly believing that I was not capable. I was afraid peoplel would point and laugh -- instead what I have found is a wonderful coach and great people who have supported me instead of laughed. I have found out that not only am I capable, but that only when pushed do I rise to the challenge... 
So after four weeks you would think I have lost a ton of weight, right? Well you would be completely wrong. But if you keep reading you will see that health is about so much more than that number on the scale.
Total pounds lost : 0.7 pounds
But, there is so much more going on under the surface -- all seen thanks to my bodyfat scale.  
Total pound of lean muscle added: 5 pounds
Total pounds of fat lost: 5.7 pounds  
Total inches lost from a combination of bust, waist, abdomen, hips, and arms:  9.5 inches  
Has it been easy ... nope! It fact I started out with more things I couldnt do, then things Icould do. My coach Ryan quickly modified every workout for me, making it something that I could accomplish and could succeed at. He never took it easy on me, but also never had me do things that either hurt my back or were above my skill level. But I sure got a workout ... and I sweated ... LOTS! But literally every single workout required some modification for me ... 
Burpees became  push up on my knees 
Pull Ups became  assisted pull ups with 2 bands 
Double Unders became  single jump ropes 
Hanstand Push ups became  overhead presses 
You get the drift ... but slowly progress was seen.
The first time I rowed 1000m I thought I was doing to literally die right there on the rower. The second time although it was less than fun, I was able to keep a better pace and die a little bit less.
I started out with a 32# clean lift ... last week I did a whole workout of the day with a 52# clean lift (lifted 56 times) and Saturday I did 62# clean for 2 reps and a 72# clean for 1 rep.
I can jerk press, push press, and deadlift 42#
I can overhead press 47# and front squat 32#
I can snatch 40#
One month ago I didnt know what these words even meant!
I can walk into the gym and be greeted by smiles and fist bumps from people who once intimated me completely. They know that I am giving my best and no one makes me feel like I am not working hard just because we are modifying the workout. I am giving my all, my best, which is exactly what they are doing too.
I am so glad that I joined CrossFit. I look forward to seeing what I can accomplish in another month! I love that I now work towards being stronger and modifying things less and less. I love that I measure my fitness in so many more ways than the number on the scale.
Seriously people, if you have not checked out CrossFit what are you waiting for ... best decision I have made in a LOOONG time! I cant wait for the workout tomorrow! It will hurt ... it will suck ... and it will make me a better athlete!