Saturday, August 6, 2011

I feel amazing...

yep thats my description of this run today. I feel simply amazing...

Today was the last long run (well taper run) because my half in Chicago in 8 days. I have been fighting the heat, hydration, and hip injury! I think I have been also battling a mental games of telling myself that I cant do it... even though I know I can. I think I got caught up in the "race" worry... gotta PR etc.

So I told myself, self ... just finish today... dont worry so much about the pace ... just finish...

And I had an amazing run. In fact my splits for the run are a bit screwy: faster, slower, faster, slower ... its almost like when I stopped thinking about it my body took over. Sure I had moments when it was tough ... but overall I am ecstatic about my run today.

I also think I may have figured out my hydration issues. You see due to lack of a colon, I get very dehydrated very quickly. I have tried drinking more and more on a run ... and it doesnt seem to help. So I analyzed my runs and realized that my body probably cannot absorb 3 glasses of water at once... so today I sipped. Constantly... yes it got annoying... about every 4 minutes I would sip for 1 minute... and I took my Chomps at every mile.

And ya know what ... I feel amazing! Not only during the run ... but after! Instead of feeling tired and sluggish... I feel amazing. I wish I could bottle this feeling!

So looking at the numbers... my half PR is 15min/mile... my run today was 14:40/mile... and the after the run coach was talking about how close can I get to 3 hours... 3 hours are you kidding me.... I DREAM of breaking 3 hours!

I feel like anything is possible... this is such a great feeling. I will give my best ... and that is all I can do! :) Thanks to everyone here for all of the great support!!


  1. AnnMarie...I didn't realize you were THIS AnnMarie! I did a post on my blog and linked to your blog. Good luck with your race this weekend!

  2. I cannot tell you how connected I feel to you already! I am on the same journey and seems just about the same place! You GO girl! Have a fabulous day!