Thursday, April 14, 2011

Good evening! In less than 36 hours, I will be running my second half marathon. As most of you know, my last long run did not go as planned (severe dehydrated, sunburn and just general crap resulting in me quitting for the first time at 10 miles). I have been struggling all week to get out of my head about this run ... and its been hard.

There are many reasons why I could quit on this one:
1. Its not really my goal race (because my goal race in May 15th) and its just a training run so it really does not mean anything.
2. My running partner wont be able to make it so I will be running all alone
3. My asthma has really been acting up the last 2 days
4. I have a slight knee pain ... nothing serious
5. The weather is going to suck.... last I heard high for the day is 32 which means below zero at race start and honestly its supposed to snow and rain .... yuck!

And let me tell you -- I thought about it. I even mentioned it to my husband and he said "well if thats what you want to do."

But what do I always say... Never Give Up, right? So I started to realllly think about what my drama was. Can I do the distance? Sure, I just did 2 months ago ... and even on a bad day I still went 10 miles. Can I handle the weather? Sure, we have done 10 milers in 21 degree weather, whats 3 more? So what IS my drama....... you know what ... Im afraid of getting lost, left behind, and coming in last. Will that actually happen... NO! I may be slow, but the likelihood I will come in last ... slim :)
So with this in mind... I AM DOING THIS RACE NO MATTER WHAT!!!

My last race, I ran miles for people (every mile was for a different person).... this race ... I have songs that remind me of my biggest supporters and inspirations.... When I hear these songs... I like of these people and I am pushed to go farther and farther. I could not do this without all of my friends! Thank you for all of your support.

FzyFrog: My soul sister... cant wait for July. Your song is E-40 Go Hard or Go Home. Everytime I hear this song I think of you pushing yourself, which makes me push myself even harder. You are one incredible woman!

bratgrrl: You are so encouraging, and ever since we were sick together we are bonded. You introduced me to Zumba music... so of course your song is Kumbia Kings Fuego and Wiggle Wiggle... you make me smile while I run!

Kac7700: You motivate me every single day. What I love about you is that you live your life as the thnner healthier you, even though you arent always perfect and I love that about you. Plus you have the same crappy weather I do! Since you love beer (sorry I dont have songs about beer) your song is Shots by LMFAO

Mandell25: You are such a happy, shiny person. You always make my day better .... you pushing yourself through your race inspires me. Your song is The Sun is Up by Inna because its light and happy ... :) You will ROCK your race this weekend I know it!!

NanBar: With everything you have been though, and you still keep pushing yourself every single day. How can I whine about what I have to go through, its nothing compared to your history. You love and support me always ... and I am grateful. Your song is Unbreakable by Fireflight

Misssuperstitious: You are a machine, always getting your runs in ... you will rock your marathon... im inspired that someday maybe I will be where you are. Thank you for your support. Your song is Heart of a Champion by Nelly

Slimyfishy: You are newer to my friends list, but you always have something positive to say ... and you help me get out of my head when I get stuck there. Your song is Take Over Control by Afrojack. Now this is a song about a woman who wants a man to dominate her LOL... but the words are "I want you to take over control" and when I hear that I just think... be in control of your mind... dont let it control you. And thats something you would say to me!

"Fear the Fuzzy": You are also newer to my friends list, but you are a unique wonderful man ... whenever I hear Katy Perry ET I always think of you ... because you are unique and take your time to educate and encourage the masses.

DangerRanger: My P90X and running buddy ... I watch everything you do in awe! You are beyond incredible and the fact that you watch me and keep up on what I do (and ride my butt when I need it) is amazing! Your song is Im the Ish by Lil Jon
and last but not least.....

AggieCass: OMG girl I dont know if I can sum our friendship up into a song... but whenever I hear Go Girl by Pitbull I think of you. I still remember when you talked about running in your sportsbra and told me ... that will be you someday. It seems far away ... but you inspire me daily... Im lucky to have you as my friend! :)

Wow this got really reallly long... but I want you to know how much that you mean to me and how I dont think I could do this without you. If you havent heard your song ever.... check it out ... and maybe by my next race I will have to add to my list! :)
**hugs and love ya all**

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