Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Seriously? Sometimes people just suck...

So those of you follow regularly know my lovely story about my race last weekend. So I decided to do something I never do ... I stood up for myself and write an email to the course director to complain...

Dear XXX,
I wanted to send you an email and tell you about my race experience during the XXX 10K on Sunday. I have never met you, but I have been at several XXX events, and have competed in several area runs. I am a slow runner (Ok run/walker) but I enjoy the events and I am just happy to be out there. I figure its better than sitting at home on your couch, right? I have never met a mean runner, and your event on Sunday also proved that.
While I certainly understand that alot of things were out of your control (the weather, the puddles, etc) there were some things that went wrong during this race that I think was in your control. After coming over the bridge and into the XXX  parking lot, the course was not well labelled. My friend and I were the end of the 10K and did not have anyone in front of us that we could see. At the XXXX  entrance, we went down to the long road straight ahead. I was VERY clear to tell the volunteers that we were 10Kers, especially after they directed us to the 5K route. After a couple of turns down that road, we found ourselves lost. We found out later that the course had been taken down.

Now, it was not all negative -- there was a wonderful man in a teeny red car who came to get us and get us back on the course. He unfortunately took us in the wrong direction a few blocks. He offered us a ride and we declined. He did stay with us until we were back on course, and we were grateful for that. We were also grateful for the nice man who was holding 2 glasses on water for us at the XXX entrance. Onward we trudged though puddle, rain, and yes even ice. We were so happy when we finished. We got our medal and was off to get our food.

Unofficially our time was NOT terrible (1:30). Officially, I do not know what our time was, because when the official results were posted we had no time. I do not understand how this happened, when we had our chips, turned in our chips, and stood on the mat at the finish line. There was no time limit listed for the race.

While I want to make sure that the kind individuals who assisted us get their credit, overall I cannot help but feel quite a bit disappointed in how things turned out. I agree that the weather likely made people switch to the 5K and perhaps the slower runners stayed home. But darnit we sucked it up through all of the adversity ... and to have no official time was just the last straw.

I just wanted to let you know about my experience. I sure hope my next XXX sponsored run is a bit better...
Thank you,
** so she initially responded to me appologizing and saying she will look into it **
Two emails later, she doesnt have an answer and she is just going to "give us" the time of 1:30 (geez I wish I would have lied and given her a better time haha).
Today she sent me an email to inform me that "had the course not been rerouted we would not have been able to finish because the kids run started and the 10K had to be completed prior to that. I informed her that perhaps in the future they should mention a time limit for the race.
** she then emails me again and informs me that the race was a 10K run ..(a dig of my run/walk intervals) **
NOW ... I am NOT a sensitive person but I am massively offended. I could see if we were like 16min/mile or something (which is the cut off time for MOST races BTW) ... but that last comment seemed a bit below the belt ... like a slam for run/walkers! She mentioned that in the future she will see to it that it is included that the time limit is 14 min/mile.
I am very disappointed I think because almost every person I met regarding running has been supportive. Its not about how fast you are ... its about being out there and finishing. She never said anything positive about finishing... and I didnt think my email was too mean...
So today ... dont worry about your speed ... your alot faster than those people who never tried, right? Just finish today ... be awesome!


  1. First off, I have to give you credit for sticking up for all runners...fast or not so fast. The organizational skills of this organization just don't measure up.

    Secondly, it has been my experience that no matter what the event or what the experience you are going to run into people that "get it" and people who simply don't. You finished. You stuck it out. You have a great deal to be proud of. Don't let this experience disappoint you. They should be disappointed because they let you down.

  2. Wow! I can not believe the nerve of her email!! How rude!!! She and her event would NOT be getting my money in the future! You paid just like everyone else!